A Champ

She’s a champ and she’s a star.  She fights for love and she loves to fight but better if the fight is all in fun.  Aries women have a warrior spirit.  They are more likely to choose red over pink, jeans over skirts and boots over heels.  

This warrior girl has a Leo ascendant and Leo is the star.  People notice her when she walks into a room.  Jupiter hangs back a little just behind that bold Leo facade, a perpetual angel on her shoulder, bringing along a knowing smile from God knows where about heaven knows what.  

She isn’t all fight though.  There is a softer side as well.  A love of pretty things and special people.  Libra moon softens every blow, sweetens the pot and brings grace and gentleness that might catch you off guard if you aren’t careful.  

She’s a study in extremes.  Nothing about her is half hearted.  She will champion the underdog and fight for what’s right and with a tricky Gemini Mars, she can outmaneuver even the most clever strategists.  

She is a study in contrasts.  Her life is equal parts charmed and cursed.  She was dealt a hand of cards that could win or lose any game and her edge is her fighting spirit.  When she wins, you know she earned it and thanks to her upbeat and somewhat quirky spirit, everyone was rooting for her all along.  

It’s her birthday and her solar return chart predicts a dynamic year ahead.  Fueled by passion, grounded in her vision for her future and sustained by forces she may not even be aware of, she will lay the foundation for the rest of her life this year.  Things begin to fall in place in a way they never have before.  She’s finding her stride and gaining confidence and grace with every step.  There are mysteries yet to be revealed and old wounds to be healed and all the time in the world to set it all right.  

Happy birthday lovely warrior girl.  I hope it’s the best year yet.  

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